Sometimes It’s Like He Doesn’t Know Me At All – The Toothy Edition

Sometimes It’s Like He Doesn’t Know Me At All – The Toothy Edition

Though I’m not much of a telephone caller, I must admit that I really appreciate the ability to make and receive phone calls from my helmet with my Sena headset. Sometimes I’ll be standing on the side of the road doing very important things and I’ll receive a call from home that would have otherwise gone unanswered for hours.


 Me: ‘Good morning, sunshine.’

Kenny: ‘What’s going on? Where are you?’

 Me: ‘New Jersey. At the world’s largest tooth.’

Kenny: ‘Ah.’

worlds largest tooth

Where else would I be on a sunny Saturday morning? He’s so ridiculous sometimes.


6 Replies to “Sometimes It’s Like He Doesn’t Know Me At All – The Toothy Edition”

    1. It isn’t me you’re competing against. It’s you.
      This concludes today’s portion of Motorcycle Philosophy Chat. 😀

      I hope you’ve been having fun doing the Rally. I pretty much only get to ride a multi-hour ride on one day of the weekend so I spend a lot of time digitally exploring for that one day.

      Have you got anything on your ‘must-see list’ that you’re excited about?

      1. Oh I’m just teasing you. I would like to have a top 25 finish but I’m not going to lose sleep over it if I don’t.

        That’s a tough question…sadly my search has turned up a lot of low-point items but there a lot of things that may be difficult. The nearest covered bridge is in Disney for example. That’s in Disney, not outside the park, so getting my bike in might be difficult. The nearest Presidential Library is in Atlanta, outside of my riding range.

        I might find some unusual things here and there and that’s part of the whole experience. 🙂

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