Greetings from Hazy, Hot, Humid Long Island

Greetings from Hazy, Hot, Humid Long Island

Boy, oh boy. It hadn’t dawned on me until now, the 30th day of July that the month has been full of… good stuff.

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During July, I took a nice road trip (which I still have lots of pictures and thoughts to post about), got to hang out with Rosie in Philly, took a few day trips, ran each Monday night in a summer series, made a new friend: Tracy the Texas Hoss who is traveling the country, wished my mom a happy 70th(!), crossed off some bucket list items, finally got my Tiger in for service so that it’s as good as brandy-new again and signed myself up to do a 24-hour rally.

Now maybe that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of stuff but it definitely kept me going and feeling good.

While I never want blogging to feel like a job, sometimes I wish I could keep myself on a more regular posting schedule. Even if it was little more than a photo here and there. Strangely enough, some routines seem to be good for me. Otherwise I go off the rails and become plugged up with things to talk about. It’s hard to recover and get back on track when that happens.

::cracks knuckles:: So let’s get started, shall we? More posts on the way!

But first… tell me what you’ve been up to.

Whaddayasay you leave some links in the comments? The news is so full of bummer stories how about you share your good news and good times?

6 Replies to “Greetings from Hazy, Hot, Humid Long Island”

    1. WOW, That was quick. And just last week you were thinking about throwing in the towel. Maybe it really is just a matter of perception – seeking them out versus just stopping by since you were in the neighborhood?

  1. Regularity has its benefits, although I can’t claim it in my posting. I go stretches of nothing and then bang bang bang with multiple daily posts.

    You probably know that this month was busy for me with mermaid-posing and visiting Vancouver. As soon as work eases a bit, I direct my full energies toward fun stuff like that.

    1. “Regularity has its benefits” made me laugh out loud.

      I struggle with maintaining a regular blog schedule, too. But I think I’m the only one who ever stresses about my blog not being completely up to date.

  2. No complaints here, my summer’s been pretty amazing. Besides having a great time hanging with you in Philly, I got to ride Europe this summer and now I’m prepping for my first rally.
    Thanks for all the writing you’ve done and keep it coming! Reading your blog plants little seeds in my mind and it’s an amazing feeling when they grow up and take on a life of their own. 😉

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