Riding the Mason-Dixon 2020 Rally

Last weekend was my first foray into the Mason-Dixon 2020 24-hour rally, which you can read about here:

Stayin’ Classy at the 2015 MD2020 Rally

Thanks to the other riders for their words of encouragement and wisdom. And of course to the Rally master and team of event volunteers for hosting a terrific rally. I had a great time.




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5 Responses

  1. Great report! Your “date” seemed to enjoy the ride too. No doubt he looked over you on the lonely dark stretches.

  2. Ry Austin says:

    Damn, Fuzzy, it’s no wonder that rallies translate to emotional rollercoasters for you. They sound effing intense. Anxiety simply must be the norm for most rally riders–how can it not be? I got queazy just from the pic of your dizzifying collection of cryptically noted index cards.

    Gobbz from Sheetz? Really? I don’t what either is, but they sound bad enough alone, so what the hell would possess anyone to think they’re okay together? Eating Gobbz from Sheetz can only result in gobs of sheeet…

    And as for Jorge Pepperenzo: If you’re wondering why he’s been tight-lipped since the rally, it’s likely because he’s wise to your entertaining the advantage of skipping the partner bonuses. “Is that all I am to her? A passenger? Dead weight? Dare I say, her mute b-b-b…” (Jorge sobs.) Then again, if Jorge Pepperenzo HAD been talking to you–for any amount of time–you should probably see someone about it.

    Great and entertaining rally report, Fuzzy.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      At the end of the rally I talked with some other riders trying to get a feel for how people rally. Some folks look positively laid back, like – “eh, whatevs” and others take to it like they’re absolutely doing a job. Can you guess which camp had the higher scorers in it?

      Hopefully, I’m somewhere in the middle. Yes, I’ve got tasks to accomplish but the minute it becomes work it is no longer fun. I never want that to happen.

      Sheetz is a very nice gas station chain that has a food/stuff market attached. A gobbz is like a whoopie pie. Instant diabetes in a wrapper. https://www.sheetz.com/

      Thankfully, I didnt hear a peep outta Jorge. I’ve got enough problems without adding that to the list 😉

  3. curvyroads says:

    Lol, couldn’t resist this one…even tho my eyes are crossed! I cannot imagine doing this. I am glad that you think it’s fun, at least most of the time! I will have to rally vicariously through you and your very entertaining telling of the experiences!

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