2015 MD2020 Rally: Sweet Sixteen

fuzzygalore 2015 md2020 rallyLast week I decided to spread my wings a little and sign myself up for a different 24 hour rally. Now that I’d done The Void Rally a few times, I’d like to see what some others are like. So, I’m registered for the Mason Dixon 20-20.

By all accounts, the rallymaster for this event is a bit wiley. This already has me wondering if this was a smart decision. But, I figure the same old rules apply: If I’m not having fun, I can just stop.

fuzzygalore triumph tiger

One difference that I’ll encounter with this rally is receiving the rally book just before we’re released into the wild. Though we will receive the bonus coordinates in advance, the rally book itself contains all of the instructions for claiming a bonus – important information like whether a bonus is only available during a certain time of day, if you need to buy something to satisfy the bonus, whether or not the *actual* bonus is 3 miles down the road from the coordinates you received.

So – while you may have put together a “doable” route from the comfort of your desk at home before the rally, seeing the instructions in the rally book itself could really throw a wrench in the works. I’m certain that planning on the clock will be a challenge.

Being the 16th running of the event, the theme of this rally is Sweet Sixteen. Each rider is required to bring a “date”. If you don’t have an actual pillion, you must bring along a stuffed animal-date that is at least 24″ tall.

My date:

I found him at a local thrift shop today. He was so ridiculous looking he just had to be the one. Two bucks well spent.

Mason Dixon 2020
Registration Ends: 4/20


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4 Responses

  1. Joe Popp says:

    This sounds like a riot! I need to do one of these. Thanks for sharing as always Fuzz.

  2. Rosie says:

    Ay caramba!!! That hot tamale is definitely worth $2.
    I will also be riding this rally, vicariously thru you of course. 😉

  3. Daniel Aldo says:

    Hmmmm..I’ve vowed to ride more this year. This may be just the thing to start the season off right.

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