Snapshot: Getting Ready for the Santa Ride

Snapshot: Getting Ready for the Santa Ride

Tomorrow is our annual Santa Ride. The one where we dress up like Santas and elves and take to the streets spreading holiday cheer on our motorcycles. This afternoon the suits came down from the attic in preparation. My helmet with hat and beard? PREPPED!

Can’t wait!

4 Replies to “Snapshot: Getting Ready for the Santa Ride”

  1. Ah, you haven’t aged a day from that Christmas past, Santagalore… Your beard is as full and as white.

    Now that I’ve kissed ass, is it too late to send my wish list? 😉

    Have a blast, Fuzzy!

    1. 😆 Thanks, RD.
      What’s IS on your wish list this year?

      Regarding my beard, I was just remarking yesterday that it is looking quite windblown and tangly. I never thought i’d have to type these words but… I think I need to comb my beard.

      1. Headline: Bearded Lady in Santa Suit Goes Seeking Roadside Weirdness, Stops Motorbike to Comb, Becomes the Attraction.

        My realistic material wants are actually pretty modest. Immaterially, I might ask for proof that the recession is over or better opportunities for all, but I’m afraid I’d just end up sounding like a beauty pageant stereotype, wishing for world peace. And we all know how that works out…

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