Now More Than Ever – Think Happy Thoughts

Now More Than Ever – Think Happy Thoughts

I have this sticker on my Givi box…

think happy thoughts sticker

Most of the time I don’t need a reminder. But with my eyes and ears glued to the news lately, I can allow myself to get overwhelmed.

Even through all the sadness in the world, there are blessing and so many things to be happy about. Yesterday I asked my Facebook friends to share some of the good things in their day with me. With responses ranging from weddings, to the happiness of their children, to simply being alive – they were able to focus and share their happiness.

So, how about it? Tell me what’s good in your world.

5 Replies to “Now More Than Ever – Think Happy Thoughts”

  1. I agree with your attitude. The world is always full of sadness and ugly behavior; we need to celebrate the good and fun, not focus on the bad. Of course we deal with the bad to the extent we have to but, when we can return to good thoughts, we stop the bad’s effects by doing so.

    In addition to Boston and the ricin letters, a Texas industrial plant just exploded injuring hundreds. As I said, there’s always sadness.

  2. Thinking happy thoughts is very important – I agree.

    What is good in my world? – First and foremost – my hubby. He makes everything right with my world.

  3. Thanks for the info on the E2E Rally. Love your blog. The news has been depressing lately but still thinking happy thought. I just bought a HD Soft Tail Deluxe and I’m in love. Looking forward to many more miles this summer!

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