Wonder Woman Rosey and Menacing Santa

Wonder Woman Rosey and Menacing Santa

This place has it all.

Wonder Woman Rosey Barn Lee Massachusetts

I’d passed this house in Lee, Massachussets several times before on the Berkshire Dual Sport rides. Even though my friends know me well enough to realize that coming across such a place is like nirvana for me, we’d never stopped.

A few weekends ago while heading down towards the ferry home, since I was right around the corner, I stopped in for a peek.

Wonder Woman Rosey Barn Lee Mass

After all these years I still haven’t figured out what the right protocol is for lurking around someones yard. You have to imagine that such a place attracts many lookers but even so, I approach anything that is a home with a wide berth. Then I go home wondering if I would’ve been allowed to go closer. ::shrug::

menacing santa house

I suppose its better to err on the side of caution and not find myself being attacked by a junkyard dog or a slightly touched homeowner wondering what I’m doing on their property.

Menacing Santa

I can’t even begin to know what the red-eyed, menacing Santa with barrel legs is up to. I just know that if that dude showed up after midnight on my roof as a kid… nightmares.

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I did a quick Google search to try to find out about this house but didn’t see anything. Any locals know the story?


[EDIT 9-11-12]

Thanks to super-sleuth Stephanie – an obituary for Rosemarie “Wonder Woman” Dupont was found. It seems she passed away in December 2009. The house and barn must be a tribute to her from her husband, who is a painter. Rest in peace, Rosey.

12 Replies to “Wonder Woman Rosey and Menacing Santa”

  1. Definitely an eclectic looking property. I wonder what the back story is on Rosie or Wonder Woman or if they are one in the same.

    Maybe Rosie is trapped in Santa – hence the mean red eyes.

  2. Fuzzy:

    I would have no problem to knock on that door and ask if I could poke around. I have done it before and I have also been “caught” in action. I find that most people are proud of their collections and will talk about their possessions.

    I have been off property with my telephoto lens and often the resident will notice me, come out and invite me IN.

    My 5 pretty awesome past posts is scheduled to go “live” at 6:01 am tomorrow morning. You talked me into it you sweet talker . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. I hear you, Bob.
      Some situations I can definitely see why someone would be confident in knocking on the door. And then some others… not so much. I think it all depends on the vibe of the place, maybe the region, and what you look like.

      Sweet talker, eh? Now that is something I don’t think i’ve ever been accused of before 🙂

  3. There’s just so much awesome in those pictures! I love how she even painted a smiley face on the roof!

    Also: move the “n” in Santa to the end and you’ve got Satan. Coincidence? I think not, judging by that picture 😉

  4. Interesting to say the least. I’ve been past places like that before, I’m not as bold as you are. I usually admire from the street. I guess I’m just afraid of owners with shotguns…haha.

  5. If one of those home make-over shows ever shows up on my doorstep;I will demand that they recreate the “Wonder Woman Rosey Barn” for me; neighborhood regulations be damned! 🙂

  6. I grew up in Lee. When I was a kid in the 1980s, the house was decorated like a pumpkin. I think I heard that it burned down at one point.

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