Women Motorcycle Bloggers: Lunch with 3 Kick-ass Motorcycle Women

Women Motorcycle Bloggers: Lunch with 3 Kick-ass Motorcycle Women

While I struggle to find the thread of a full blog post, I just have to share Leslie’s photo from Facebook and Madeline’s from Instagram of our lunch meeting on Sunday.

I’ve talked before about searching for women motorcyclists and bloggers that speak to me, that I can identify with. Well, I’m finding my tribe. One amazing broad at a time.

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  1. I can see why you’re excited. That’s one cool tribe of moto-chicas! I’m glad to see you broadening your horizons AND enjoying it immensely. Daydreams do come true.

    1. It’s madness. I’ve been talking to real, live people! Don’t get me wrong, I have moments where i want wear a bag on my head but – i’m making progress 😀

  2. I never thought of myself as a kick-ass motorcycle woman but I do like the way that sounds. Takes one to know one 😉 It’s always awesome to be in your company but sitting there with you, Madeleine and Leslie, seriously, I was so excited I thought my head was going to explode.
    Reading blogs and other social media kind of gives me an impression of who that person is and I develop my own version of how I think they are in person. Sometimes you wonder if in real life they’re the same person you’ve grown fond of thru reading their stories. Well, I can definitely say that You, Madeleine and Leslie are even more amazing in person!!!
    That was a special day for me. Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m so glad that you were there. You ARE a kickass chick, you’re just so used to it you seem to not notice 😉 <3

      I know what you mean about reading and building an idea in your mind of what someone is like. I feel that same way. When you meet them in person there is so much nuance and depth to the way that they move through the world that you could never have known unless you saw them with your own eyes. Plus, some people just give off a warmth or vibe that you connect with. I love that.

      It’s scary to me most times, but I’m going to keep trying to meet people. The good experiences have far outweighed the bad. I think it’s worth it.

  3. Yes! So glad you’re pursuing friends IRL. They sweeten experiences, give us camaraderie, and help us feel less alone, especially when they share our passion for something like motorcycling.

  4. This is such an all-star team of my favourite lady motorcyclists.

    I listen to Advgrrl’s podcast, get inspired by Fuzz, and Madeline’s basically a superhero in my books.

    You. All. Rock.

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