The Living the Goes Into Motorcycle Helmets

The Living the Goes Into Motorcycle Helmets

When you consider that you might have a helmet for say, 4 years – there is a lot of living that goes on during that time. Many roads traveled, friendships made, time shared and adventures experienced.

My old Shark helmet and I have been through a lot together. I suppose that’s why I felt a little twinge of melancholy when my new Shark Racer-R Sutra helmet arrived. Not because I would miss my old helmet per se but because it was like the closing of a chapter.

2012 Shark Sutra Helmet

Is it silly to mark these occasions? Maybe. But I cannot seem to escape doing it.

My Gramma said that it was good luck if it rained on moving day. I carried that little piece of superstition with me and smiled when the rain drizzled down during my first ride home from work in my new helmet. I hope the good luck continues to carry me through the rest of our time together.

Some of the places me and my old Shark helmet have been together:

Self portrait at 75 curves next 140 miles Kentucky Riding Speed Triple
Fuzzy at the Harbor helmets redwoods
lassen park sunset in sequoia Italy
splugenpass me and john in wv Italy Gavia Pass

Thanks for the memories, Sharky. It’s been fun <3

5 Replies to “The Living the Goes Into Motorcycle Helmets”

  1. I had a different reaction to getting rid of my old lid… I couldn’t wait! When I learnt to ride I purchased a grey Caberg thing that was the best I could afford at the time. After a year or so I realised it was like a mushroom on my head, massive, noisy, and I ended up not liking it much. I eventually replaced it with an Arai Condor which I love and smile each time I look at it. Having said that me and my old Caberg had some great adventures – it was my first lid, I still have it. Maybe I should take it out for a ride, for old time’s.

    Enjoy your new lid!

    1. I’m the same way, Doug. I have them sitting on a high shelf in the garage. I feel weird about throwing them out.

      I always think things like – well, what if I need an extra in case of emergency like my visor on the current one breaks? it could carry me through until I get a replacement. you can of course see several flaws in that thinking but – i need to justify my hoarding 🙂

        1. riiiiiiight. 😆

          Aside from helmets i’ve got tons of other gear i cant seem to get rid of either :-/

          And so does my other half! I think we need a bigger garage.

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