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A Case for Motorcycle Commuting

A Case for Motorcycle Commuting

Dreaming about taking the long way home Lately I haven’t been doing much pleasure riding. Like other people with full time jobs, with children and families there are seemingly weeks and weeks that go by where the majority of your time is not your own. After all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed what you’re left with are a few ticks on the clock in the dark hours of the day.

Enter the case for motorcycle commuting.

Yes, some people commute on their motorcycle for fuel savings. Some people commute for ease of parking, for being able to filter through traffic, to take up less space than a car. Sometimes though… sometimes you just have to commute to escape.

Every time I look out of the office window and see my motorcycle parked amongst seas of cars, I enjoy a little twinge of pleasure. A secret smile comes across my face as I think just a few more hours and I get to ride home. And if I can squeeze in the time, maybe I’ll take the long way.

These busy times are when something is better than nothing.

Motorcycle Misperceptions – Changing Them, One Person At A Time

Motorcycle Misperceptions – Changing Them, One Person At A Time

Triumph Tiger 1050Yesterday when I stood outside of my office packing up my sidebag and getting ready to head home – a man walked out of the building, eyes fixed on me and the Tiger. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Wow! All this time I thought it was some big 6’5” guy with tattoos who rode that bike. “

No, sir. It’s just little old me. 🙂

Snapshot: Girlie Motorcycle Commuter

Snapshot: Girlie Motorcycle Commuter

Girlie Motorcycle Commuter

It was good to hear from some other ladies in the You Might Be a Motorcycle Chick If… blog post that they too wear dresses with their riding gear when they commute to work. I don’t tuck mine in to my riding pants because I turn into a wrinkled mess. Letting the fabric fly has had better results for me.

I have to admit that there is something nice about seeing that material fluttering in my shadow as I motor down the expressway. You can be your girlie self and ride a motorcycle. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Here on Long Island we’ve had beautiful weather all week. Today’s temperatures will be in the 60’s which is fabulous for March. In honor of the weather and the approaching spring, I opted to wear a cheery little number.

Girlie motorcycle commuter. That’s me!