I Found LOVE in Philly

I Found LOVE in Philly

LOVE Sculpture - Robert Indiana - Philadelphia
I tagged along on a ride to have a cheesesteak lunch in Philly on Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t leave town without seeing Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture while I was there. As it turned out – we got the most perfect parking space!

LOVE sculpture Philly

You can visit the Philly LOVE statue at:

15th St & John F. Kennedy Blvd
John F. Kennedy Plaza
Philadelphia, PA 19102

10 Replies to “I Found LOVE in Philly”

  1. Yay! As a frequent Philly visitor, I’ve seen that sculpture many times. It’s a big landmark down there. More impressive in person than we expect. Glad you had a personal encounter with it.

    I really like your attraction to the good things in life. It bespeaks your laudable nature.

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