I Spy: What? Oil Leak? No Way…

I Spy: What? Oil Leak? No Way…

Bucket under suspended motorcycle

Don’t be ridiculous! That bucket is there to catch any of the awesomeness that can no longer be contained within the confines of mere metal.

::mutters under breath::: Oil leak… pfft.

5 Replies to “I Spy: What? Oil Leak? No Way…”

  1. Is that a Harley or a Ducati? I didn’t realize that fluid was called awesomeness. The italians I believe called it character and soul as well! I always wondered why Jap bikes don’t move the soul they don’t leak awesome πŸ˜€

  2. Those are some really expensive PiΓ±atas!! Maybe the bucket is for holding leaking candy.

    Great picture.

    FYI – my captcha was Urelar Likhachev. Sounds like a Soviet spy name to me…….

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