Barber Museum: 1956 Parilla Corsa

When we saw this Parilla at the Barber Museum, I kinda wanted to hug it. It’s just so darned cute!

1956 Parilla Corsa at Barber Museum

Guido... Punch me in the face.Back in the time of dinosaurs when music actually played on MTV (the 80’s) Tom Petty had a video for the song You Got Lucky. During the first minute and a half or so of the Mad Max-y video, 3 dirty ruffians come skidding in on a sidecar rig. The Parilla reminds me of that sidecar rig mixed with Guido the forklift from Cars.

Random. I know.

The museum placard reads:

1956 Parilla Corsa Barber Museum1956 Parilla Corsa

Country:          Italy
Engine:            Air-cooled, single cylinder four stroke
Ignition:           Battery and coil
Power Rating: 26 b.h.p. @ 7,200 r.p.m.
Bore x Stroke: 68 x 68mm
Displacement: 247cc
Valves:             Single overhead cam, bevel and shaft drive
Fuel System:    Single De, Orto G.P. carburetor
Transmission:  Four speed
Suspension:     Front telescopic forks, rear twin shock
Brakes:             Front and rear drum
Weight:             234 lbs.
Top Speed:       110 m.p.h.

Parilla made a limited number of motors with overhead camshafts. Available in four versions, the Tourist and Sports were street legal machines, with the Compitizione and Corsa stripped racing models, the Corsa featuring magnesium engine cases and brakes. This machine has a full “dustbin” fairing that would result in higher speeds due to better air penetration. These fairings were eventually banned in the late 1950’s, reason being that they made the bike unstable in strong side winds, and also contributed to the front brake fading.


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6 Responses

  1. What a classic! Love it!

  2. GLantern says:

    Sometimes I see these radical shapes and I think how funny they look and wonder what designers were thinking. But when it gives you such an advantage just because of the aerodynamics I am damn impressed. Sometimes I feel modern age bikes take less chances in design. Of course then you have people like Buell who do something different for the sake of being different……

  3. OG says:

    Parilla made such sweet little bikes. I love dust bin bikes of the 50’s and this is a great example.

    Yes, I really, really need to get my butt to Barber.

  4. paul ruby says:

    Hi FuzzyG: This is one of the most classy and cool personal websites I’ve seen. I found you from your comment on Scooter in the Sticks. That red and white vintage racer if off the charts. So much attitude and style it’s painful.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Well, hey, Paul!
      I was really sorry to hear that the Chick Magnet got a bit squished. Shame.
      For what it’s worth, I’m one of those superficial broads who COMPLETELY loves men for their cars and bikes! 😆 😉

      Thanks for the nice words. Glad to have you on board and hope to see you again!

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