1920′s Board Track Racing Video from Daytona, Florida

Barber Motorsports Museum Board Track Racing Display:
Imagine running full speed at 75mph and a 45° angle with nothing but your feet as brakes…
Board Track Racing Sign - Barber Museum

Barber Museum Board Track Racers

Great board track racing video from Daytona, Florida in the 1920’s. The intro title is a little long but stick with it. It just serves as further proof that motorcycle riders have always been adrenaline junkies.


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7 Responses

  1. wendyvee says:

    Barber really did a fantastic job with that display.
    Wow!That vid is freakin’ unbelievable!!

  2. CrudMop says:

    Total loss oil systems dumping oil onto an already slick wooden track. Now put on a leather beanie and honk around the track at 75mph with no brakes. These guys were tuff stuff.

  3. ArcDeDucati says:

    Fuzz that was probably the best moto video I’ve ever seen, it was awesome.

  4. 46u says:

    Daytona never had a board track.

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  2. September 16, 2010

    […] is the neo-classical interpretation of a 1920′s era board track racing motorcycle, but that’s not all.  Designed by world-renowned industrial designer, Adrian Van […]

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