I Spy: Biodiesel Powered Chopper in New York City

I Spy: Biodiesel Powered Chopper in New York City

Where are my tree huggers at?

When I pulled up to park in front of the Sidewalk Cafe for the Isle of Man(hattan) ride, the first bike I saw was a flamey, low slung chopper that bore what appeared to be a fan and a diesel logo on the side. As it turns out, diesel wasn’t just about a penchant for European sneakers and too-tight jeans it was something altogether different. Biodiesel.

Pretty nifty, huh?

Biodiesel Chopper Spotted in New York City Wingnut Cycles

The guy riding it, Bear – was a super nice guy. In hindsight I’m quite surprised that I didn’t hear him make any small talk about his deep fat fryer. I guess I should have asked.

When he started the bike and pulled away from the curb, I smelled french fries.

If you’re interested in how the bike evolved, check out WingnutCycles.com.

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  1. How cool is that!

    We have a feedmill in Central PA that runs their big delivery trucks on soy-based fuel. If you are stopped behind one of the trucks, it smells like movie theater popcorn 🙂

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