Stony Brook Promenade of Trees: On the Road Again

Stony Brook Promenade of Trees: On the Road Again

The Stony Brook Village Center works very hard at keeping a small town, community feel alive. During the winter season they hold an event called the Promenade of Trees where the walkway is lined with small Christmas trees that are decorated by families, scout troops and organizations. It’s fun to stroll along and admire the hard work that kids put in to coming up with a tree theme and creating the decorations for them.

This year, when my daughter and I walked along looking at each of them I was surprised to see this tree covered in motorcycle themed ornaments!

On the Road Again Christmas Tree

On the Road Again is a local motorcycle training school. They cater to those that are looking to learn to ride as well as riders who are looking to brush up on their skills a bit.

On the Road Again Motorcycle School
P.O.Box 540
Stony Brook, N.Y. 11790
Phone: 631-862-RIDE, 516-756-RIDE

Though my daughter’s tree was my favorite, the On the Road tree with it’s curvy road sign topper was a close second. I hope someone walking by will see it and be inspired to finally take the leap and learn to ride!

9 Replies to “Stony Brook Promenade of Trees: On the Road Again”

  1. Wait, you have a daughter!?! I must have missed that one somewhere. LOL!

    Promenade of Trees sounds like fun. I wish we live in a small town instead of a giant suburban-metropolis (supposed to be the burbs but way crowded).

    1. 😆 Yep, I sure do. Her name is Chloe. If you look closely in my “thankful” post, you can find a picture of her from 2 years ago 😉

      I used to put pics of her on my blog. I am tremendously proud of her as she is the light in my life. But, a few years ago some people who decided they didn’t care for me went for a mom’s Achilles Heel and said some things not worth repeating. From that time on, I’ve kept her all to myself.

    1. Yes, Wendy- Those cans are all throughout that area. I think they might also have similar ones in the town of Port Jefferson just a hop, skip and a jump down the road.

  2. So THAT is who the Monkey is. I just assumed it was your niece or god-daughter or something when I saw the picture originally. How sad that people would attack you like that. I don’t even want to imagine what they might have said. So you too are a motorcycling mama. 🙂

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