One Day I Will Become a Graceful Swan

One Day I Will Become a Graceful Swan

Sunday was cool but sunny. I didn’t stray very far on the bike. Kenny and I monkeyed around on the DRZs for a few minutes but I wasn’t feeling social and went off to do my own thing. I ended up at one of my favorite spots on the harbor to just sit and watch the world go by.

My Swan Friend Keeping Me Company

Watching swans on the north shoreWhile I sat quietly on the waters edge a single swan began to paddle it’s way closer to me. It moved cautiously, slowly; clearly trying to figure me out. I just sat watching it bob against the current. It probably sounds crazy but it seemed like it was just looking for company. Once it decided I posed no threat it didn’t swim away. It stayed in the same basic spot treading water.

After 15 minutes or so, we were joined by another adult swan and two nearly grown babies. The young birds’ feathers were a dirty gray and nowhere near as pristine and white as their parent’s feathers. I smiled to myself thinking that those “ugly ducklings” would one day soon grow to be beautiful swans.

Tweet Tweet

My slippery Chuck Taylor sneakersIn semi-related news, I was chit-chatting with one of my Twitter-buddies Ronman on Monday. We were discussing how the combination of me being a clumsy oaf and wearing a pair of nearly treadless Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers is a recipe for disaster. I have slipped and fallen in my office lobby several times.

Though I’m sure it’s quite funny to watch it happen –  picking up all of my things that go skittering across the tile is getting old. I’m thinking of retiring my act.

I mentioned to him that one day I would grow up to be a graceful swan. I guess my feathered friend left an impression on me.

Are you on Twitter?
I confess: I was a little skeptical at first but have found it to be a great source of information and entertainment.  Look me up. Let’s Tweet!

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