Maintenance Mode: Riding in to the Dark Months

Maintenance Mode: Riding in to the Dark Months

It’s that time of year again; the dark months. The chill of winter is muscling it’s way in to everyday life and we’re biding our time until the days start getting longer again. It will be months before the warm weather starts to show it’s face more regularly. Each year it’s kind of sad to see the fall fade in to winter but somehow we manage to muddle through.

Kenny and I don’t store our bikes for the winter. With the sweet, snuggly warmth of electric gear, we can ride all year round. That being said, my riding seems to kind of go in to maintenance mode. Short days and quickly changing weather conditions keep my rides relatively close to home. I find myself happy to just to get out. If I’ve been off the bike for a while, any ride will do.

The view of the Bay from Bellport

While we aren’t quite in throes of winter just yet, when I tiptoed out the door this morning it was only in the mid 30’s. One might assume I would have taken one of the bikes that is wired for heat, but one would be wrong. I hit the road old-skool style this morning; relying only on the quilted liner of my Rev’it jacket. It was chilly but the kind of cold that makes you feel alive. There is something I love about riding this time of year.

Into the dark months we go – full steam ahead.

2 Replies to “Maintenance Mode: Riding in to the Dark Months”

  1. Good for you! I checked out my favourite roads after yesterday’s snow fall, they were quite slippery. Not sure if I am ready yet for Winter riding.

  2. Maintenance mode for me means prepping the bike(s) for a new season of abuse…
    So I dismantle em over winter and have em ready when the temps get above 10C…

    Somehow riding in the cold of winter has lost it’s attraction for me…

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