Roadside Giant: Nipper the Dog at Plessers in Babylon

Roadside Giant: Nipper the Dog at Plessers in Babylon

Most people know Nipper as the mascot for RCA, usually shown listening to his master’s voice on the phonograph. But any Long Islander who has passed through the Village of Babylon will also tell you that a 6ft Nipper is also well known for standing outside of Plesser’s Appliance store. Isn’t he sweet?

Nipper the Dog Plesser's Babylon Village New York

There is also a giant Nipper on top of the Arnoff Moving Company building in Albany, NY. If you’re passing through the area you have to stop and see him!

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  1. Nipper!! I made a special trip, when riding through Albany, to see him there. He’s on top of a tall building, in a non-descript industrial part of town. Because of the building’s height, Nipper looks huge, even bigger than he actually is. I took photos, if anyone wants to see him. Very impressive sculpture.

    1. Isn’t the Albany Nipper awesome?! It looks so surreal when you start driving towards the building. Almost like its floating.

      Just a block or so from there is the Miss Albany diner. Another gem. Unfortunately we didnt get a chance to eat there but I gave it a proper ogling from outside 🙂

  2. I agree — it is surreal. Totally incongruous in that neighborhood, plus being so high up in the air it does look like it’s floating. I had the same reaction.

    Never heard of the Miss Albany diner. Thanks for the tip. We’ll check it out next time we pass through Albany on the way to Lake George.

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