The Barber Museum: 1958 Ariel Square Four with Sidecar

Has there ever been a finer looking sidecar than the one on this 1958 Ariel Square Four? No. No, I don’t think so.
Barber Museum 1958 Ariel Square Four with Sidecar

Barber Museum Ariel Square Four with Sidecar Barber Museum Ariel Square Four with Sidecar Ariel Square Four with Sidecar Barber Museum

It doesn’t say so on the placard but I’m pretty sure that when you open the door on the sidecar, you are greeted by a snow white unicorn galloping down a glittering rainbow of Skittles. It leaves an eddy of whirling diamonds with every pillow-soft touch of it’s magical feet. It’s just that good.

Placard Reads:

Ariel Square Four
4G Mk II

“The Ariel square cylinder layout was unique in an era when 90% of motorcycles were of single cylinder or v-twin design. Originally conceived in the 1930’s, it was developed into the final version you see here. While not particularly powerful, it was incredibly smooth and had a distinctive exhaust note that was unique. Square Four’s command the same respect as a Vincent, with a lot of myths regarding the performance. One of the boasts was that they would accelerate from 30 to 100 miles per hour in high gear.”


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6 Responses

  1. Quacka says:

    Now that is an od ball that I can Love. I can see it next to the RE5.

  2. Biker Ted says:

    If ever we get across the pond this museum will certainly be on a “must do” list

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