Sights from the Road: Fabulous Furniture on 28

When traveling through the Catskills on route 28 in Boiceville, New York you simply can’t miss Fabulous Furniture on 28. Aside from a storefront selling smaller artworks and furniture pieces there is an outdoor yard filled with delightfully whimsical sights. Candy colored sculptures that at first glance look like they might be cars but not quite. A rusted iron dinosaur stands guard of what appears to be either Stargate or something you might set fire to and jump your motorcycle through. My favorite piece was a very Wonka-esque spaceship complete with painted aliens and a “Roswell or Bust” sign in the window.

Roswell or Bust - Spaceship - Fabulous Furniture on 28

I really believe that it is the kooks, the daydream believers that keep life interesting. Long live Peter Pan!

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Fabulous Furniture on 28 - Catskills New York - SpaceshipStargate! Fabulous Furniture on 28Spaceship - Fabulous Furniture on 28
Pink Sculpture - Fabulous Furniture on 28Dino! Fabulous Furniture on 28Car thingy - Fabulous Furniture on 28
hotrod - Fabulous Furniture on 28


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