Magazine Spotlight: Road Runner Motorcycle Touring and Travel

Some of my Road Runner MagazinesI’m a big magazine reader. When it comes to motorcycle magazines my taste has changed a bit over the last 5 years. I used to be an avid TWO reader now; I seem to have moved into a less sporty and more travel oriented genre of interest. One of my current favorites is Road Runner Motorcycle Touring and Travel.

Though the semi-monthly mag does offer road tests and evaluations on bikes and products the lion’s share of the content is about traveling. There is definitely inspiration for your own travels to be had from its glossy pages.

My Favorite regular feature is their Shamrock Tour. The Shamrock picks a central spot to base the tour out of. Each day then follows a route that makes a leaf of the clover. Peppered with great photos the article writing seems very homey to me. It strikes me as being like reading a ride report from a friend.

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8 Responses

  1. OG says:

    A subsc ription to Road Runner was a much appreciated gift last Christmas. With a little luck, I’ll be using a few of their route suggestions a little later this month. 😀 

  2. goldenchild says:

    I used to read A LOT of magazines until I realized how mush money was going out the window (those UK mags are $10 a pop!).

    I currently have a free subsc ription to Motorcyclist and Sport Rider but after a quick peruse they go right into the recycling. Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to the latest issue on Bike (a UK mag) is it has an article I’m intersted in.

    If I do have time to read something though, my nose is usually in a book. Well, not a book but in the Kindle app of my Iphone.

  3. Biker Ted says:

    Ian used to be an avid reader of Bike magazine, having all copies from 1980 – 2003. Then along came Motorcycle Voyager, a short lived touring magazine. Now it is Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. This has a good mixture of road tests, touring and racing. A Biker Ted recomendation if you can find a copy Stateside, Fuzz. Finally we belong to the Vintage Japanese Club, the MZ Club and Ariel Owners Club so have their magazines also.

  4. FUZZ! says:

    Good deal, OG-
    I’m glad you came away with something good from it.
    I can’t put my finger on what it is about the way that their shamrocks are written up that appeals to me. Maybe because they aren’t overly complicated? Some moto-journalists use language that is too highbrow, i think. Simple speak, please!

  5. FUZZ! says:

    @GC – yea they def are pricey.
    The quality is really nice though. I used to read Bike and PB also. I remember being very excited about getting those glossy mags from Barnes & Noble. They were like eye candy.

    I still have some TWO mags that i feel guilty about putting in the bin, even though I don’t read them anymore. I think i need to have a motorcycle garage sale to unload old gear and magazines

  6. FUZZ! says:

    Hey, thanks Ted –

    I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled at nicer news stands.

    Locally speaking I have 2 major bookstores: Barnes & Noble and Borders. It seems that the mag racks are dominated by custom/cruiser mags. They do offer a handful of sportbike related mags but its slim pickins in the touring or adventure department.

    Is the cruiser and chopper culture popular in the UK?

  7. OG says:

    I had not really considered why I liked the ride reports in Road Runner but I think you’re on the right track. A nice, believeable report with useful info as to exactly where they rode. I was re-reading some articles the other night, trying to sort a few "must haves" for Cali and it’s damned frustrating to read mainstream mags for that purpose. It’s like their routes are a state secret.
    No worries, though. Plenty o’ squiggly roads out there….

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