Mufflerman 2.0: Insulating Foam Roadside Sculpture

Mufflerman 2.0: Insulating Foam Roadside Sculpture

This is the second time in as many weekends that I’ve been out on the bike and spied some roadside sculpture that was made out of what appears to be insulating foam.

Insultaing Foam Muffler Man found on Long Island

I was riding along and saw the muffler guy out of the corner of my eye. I pulled a quick U-y, parked my bike and walked up next to him to give him a gentle poke and take a few pictures.

As I stood there snapping a few shots I heard a car slowly creeping up behind me in the gravel parking lot. I could feel its presence about 5 feet behind me so I turned around and looked at the guy in drivers seat. He was a happy looking fellow that chuckled and said, ‘I was driving by and I thought, what the heck is she doing?’ He was actually quite pleasant and offered to take my picture with the MM, but I politely declined. With my luck, he’d look pleasant as he drove off with my camera 

In hindsight, I find the fact that he was so curious about what I was curious about rather… curious.

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