Memory Lane: 2005 The Bighorn Scenic Byway

Memory Lane: 2005 The Bighorn Scenic Byway

Today, I spent some time organizing some of the thousands of digital photos that I’ve amassed over the last decade. I love this excercise and find it especially sweet when you can be pulled back to a moment in time. Feeling the air, remembering the chill, the smells, the sense of adventure.

I remembered all of those things when I came across some of these pictures from 2005. We started our day in Belle Fourche, SD and headed along to Devils Tower where I got to see my first buffalo somewhere other than in a zoo. Continuing on we passed through Sheridan, up through the Bighorn Scenic Byway, down through Shell Falls Canyon, stopping in Greybull for lunch and holing up in Cody for the night.

Just outside of Dayton, Wy

Shell Falls

…life is beautiful.

3 Replies to “Memory Lane: 2005 The Bighorn Scenic Byway”

  1. Love all the great photographs ma’am. You always make me feel as though I’m right there along for the ride.


  2. I was on this highway in 2005 during a month long ride. It was an amazing demonstration of geology and beauty. spent the night in a funky little campground in Dayton and had dinner in a combination beauty salon/pizza/harley themed place. Nice to see the pics.

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