Eat Here and Get Gas

I was poking through my pictures from the last few weeks and found that I’ve got a couple related to gas pumps. I guess the folks at the pump below in Virginia were just makin’ it up as they went along

It isn’t news to anyone who hasn’t been dwelling in a cave for the last 6 months that we’re feeling the sting of high gas prices. Many folks are championing riding to work more often to offset the cost. You’re probably getting well over 35mpg if you travel for a stint on the freeway to get to the office. If you’re one of those behemoth SUV drivers, surely you’d feel the benefit of those extra miles per gallon.

But do you really save that much more? What about the accelerated wear and tear that seems to occur on a bike when you compare it to your car? In my case on the Triumph with my choice of tires, I see less than 7,500 miles on a set of tires, more frequent oil changes, brake pads, chains, sprockets, etc.

If you rode to work every day for a solid year as compared to driving your car every day for a solid year how significant do you think the difference in cost of transportation would be? Surely there must be someone who has undertaken this study out there… post a link if you’ve come across anything!

Heh.. Eat here, then get gas… it’s still funny 3 years later.


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