Visiting Italy: We Came, We Saw… We’re Tired

Visiting Italy: We Came, We Saw… We’re Tired

The Stelvio Pass in Italy

After months of waiting, daydreams at my work desk and excited searches for routes to take – our alpine trip to Italy has come to a close.

Kenny, Pimmie and I spent a week riding through the beautiful mountains of Italy, Switzerland and part of Austria. It was, in short, amazing.

I have so much to share as the jet lag wears off and I can sort through my photos and thoughts. Hopefully you’ll be back to come along for the ride.

Stay tuned!

10 Replies to “Visiting Italy: We Came, We Saw… We’re Tired”

  1. Hey guys! I’m glad your trip went off as planned. Can’t wait to see/read the full ride story. Did you get Pim his Oreos? 😉

    1. Thanks, everybody!
      I’m hoping to start rolling some pics and stories out shortly. I’m finally getting back to “normal” so things are starting to brew.

      @Duc – no – we forgot the Oreos! Can you believe that? We stink.

  2. Hi guys!, pretty funny, Bill and Gram met me at the vintage show and I had mentioned how bad I wanted to take the tour you were just on… I didn’t even know you were there! Can’t wait to read about it!


    1. Hey Adam 🙂
      Long time, no see. I’m sorry I missed the vint. show. How was it?

      I have to tell you – if it is even a little inkling in your mind to go and ride in the alps/dolomites… make it happen. It is truly an incredible experience. I feel like every motorcyclist should do it at least once. Don’t put it off for someday – make it happen!

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