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Fuzzygalore’s Muffler Man Photo Gallery

With the new addition of 2 muffler men from Pennsylvania on our recent excursion to visit the Bedford Coffee Pot, my little collection of photos has grown. I’m pretty sure the first Muffler Man I photographed was back in March of 2007 while on a cold ride around the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. Now I never leave home on a trip without first checking to see if I’ll be near one. They just represent a fading piece of Americana I want to capture. There are only so many left and I want t see them all!

So far we’ve seen Muffler Men in: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

There is 1 Muffler Man that I covet in the mid-west. Maybe that’ll be on my To Do List for 2010. ::crosses fingers::

For more information on Muffler Men and their whereabouts, visit



I hoped you skipped eating at the Cadet….genuinely awful food but a well preserved Muffler Man.


No, we didn’t eat there. We were hightailing to see a few more things while we still had daylight on our side. They clearly love their man, he is in terrific shape!


Fuzzygalore’s Muffler Man Photo Gallery: With the new addition of 2 muffler men from Pennsylvania on … #motorcycle

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