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Fuzzygalore’s Muffler Man Photo Gallery

With the new addition of 2 muffler men from Pennsylvania on our recent excursion to visit the Bedford Coffee Pot, my little collection of photos has grown. I’m pretty sure the first Muffler Man I photographed was back in March of 2007 while on a cold ride around the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. Now I never leave home on a trip without first checking to see if I’ll be near one. They just represent a fading piece of Americana I want to capture. There are only so many left and I want t see them all!

So far we’ve seen Muffler Men in: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

There is 1 Muffler Man that I covet in the mid-west. Maybe that’ll be on my To Do List for 2010. ::crosses fingers::

Riverhead NY Muffler Man Indian
Connecticut Muffler Man
Elmsford NY Muffler Man
Bethel New York Muffler Man
Winslow NJ Muffler Man Halfwit
NJ Nitro Girl Uniroyal Gal
NJ Cowtown Rodeo Muffler Man
Stony Point NY Muffler Man
Pittsburgh Steeler Muffler Man
Cadet Muffler Man
NJ Muffler Man
NJ Halfwit Muffler Man
Bakersfield Indian Muffler Man
NJ Muffler Man Pants
West Virginia Muffler Man
Maine Muffler Man
Sopranos NJ Muffler Man
Hancock MA Muffler Man

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I hoped you skipped eating at the Cadet….genuinely awful food but a well preserved Muffler Man.


No, we didn’t eat there. We were hightailing to see a few more things while we still had daylight on our side. They clearly love their man, he is in terrific shape!


Fuzzygalore’s Muffler Man Photo Gallery: With the new addition of 2 muffler men from Pennsylvania on … #motorcycle

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