The Express Bus to Ugly Town

The Express Bus to Ugly Town

Gosh, I’ve just been so.. un-bloggish lately. I guess I’m in my winter slump. Le sigh. So anyway, I was digging through my picture archive, reminiscing about the good times… and I click past this… this.

Two Brothers has put this number together for Rolling Stone Magazine’s 1000th issue. A quote from their page says: ‘There were a lot of long nights and skinned knuckles, but the results speak for themselves…

I don’t know. This bike is sayin’ somethin’, all right. Its sayin’ somethin’ and it ain’t good.

Do you think that they skinned their knuckles wrestling the Anaconda to make that seat? Yeesh.

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  1. I’m no fan of that “Pimp My Bike” look either. Looks like Phyllis Diller puked on it to me. Which is typical of the younger generations, in your face, attitude that has given sport bikes and riders a bad rap.

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