Do Not Go Gentle

Do Not Go Gentle

Have you seen that new Coke Side Of Life commercial where the old guy is sitting in the nursing home is offered a Coke. He says something like ‘.. never had one…,’ and he takes a sip? He is so knocked out by the taste of this coke that he wonders what else he hasn’t done in his life. Fast forward to a montage of this old coot whooping it up, doing all of the things with his life that he put off or never got around to. In this vignette, there is a scene of him buzzing down the freeway on a green Kawi.

It made me wonder about my own advancement into later life. I sat sipping a Corona thinking about my future in this world my own mortality. Here i am, a stones throw from middle age. What will I be like in 10 years? Will I further mellow? Will my restless spirit quiet down? I pondered these things and I came to a conclusion.

Screw that!
I wanna be like the late Jennifer Paterson. She was one of the two feisty, old broads on that cooking show Two Fat Ladies. She smoked, drank, ate like a Viking and cruised around with her partner in crime on a Triumph Thunderbird with a sidehack. 71, she was when she exited this place, living life to the fullest until the end. Brava.

What is it about motorcycles that keep people youthful? There is definitely something to it.

Delly, if you happen to read this… I get first dibs on piloting, you hold the map. XOXO

3 Replies to “Do Not Go Gentle”

  1. Amen sister !!

    Except the eating like a Viking thing, I don’t want to need the JLo bike for it’s load capacity, LOL

  2. You got it Toots!…as long as I get to wear the Biggles hat! 😀
    (I’m a little late, but got here in the end.)
    The amazing thing is that I can sooooo see us doing that in 10 years. In fact…I’m giggling now just thinking about it.

  3. you go ladies! i have been riding my own bike for 15 years now and spent about 15 years before that on the back… love to ride, eat ,smoke and drink… getting a tattoo (tramp stamp) when i am 80… still plan on riding .. keep it in the wind ladies!

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