Some Shots from Wellsboro

Yes, I know that none of these pictures are very good, but for me they are serving a purpose. After witnessing such an awful event in losing Michael and Cindy last week I felt emotionally ragged, raw and ultimately stalled. Most of this week I felt kind of like it would be disrespectful to them to just flippantly go on blathering about diners and hotels and whatever it was that crossed my path on that last ride before they exited this world. But, I guess the reality is no matter what happens, when you go on about the business of living if you hold someone’s memory in your heart and take joy in the life they lived, there is no disrespect in that.

I want to say Thank You to those people who sent notes and left comments. You are all very kind.

So with that I’m trying to get back on the horse and talk about things.

The Wellsboro Diner. Home of one seriously delicious Chocolate Mud Pie.

After a relentlessly wet 250 mile ride through a noreaster, we holed up at the Penn Wells Hotel. It was a classic, old joint. The walls seemed paper thin and our room had a curious slant to the floor. Our feet were angled higher than our heads when we layed down on the bed. You just dont get that kind of charm in a Motel 6.

I love this man. More than I can say here with my pathetic little words.


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  1. OG says:

    The Penn-Wells will always hold a charm for me far in excess of the nostalgia and kitsch it contains. Two wonderful souls surely touch that old hotel now.

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