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The Ural Monkey and a Double Chicken Fantasy

The temperature crept up to nearly 70 degrees today. That’s kind of unusual for a November day. You bet your boots I was only too happy to load my monkey Chloe into the Ural and go for a ride. We were heading to Chloe’s favorite comic book shop but she indulged me with a pit more »

Roadside Snapshots: Take Two Cows and Call Me in the Morning

Along with dinosaurs and my favorite, the Giant Chicken Army, cows have to be one of the most abundant roadside animal statues. I saw two more big ladies of note while road tripping in September, both in Pennsylvania. The well-loved big cow of Wilkes-Barre. She’s just up the road from the dilapidated big coffee mug. more »

Ask Me Anything: Where Do You Get Ideas for Roadside Oddities?

Thanks for sending in your question, KHick (that’s like J-Lo). I thought it would be best to add the links I use most often to a post so that you can take a look. I read tons of blogs each day. I’ve got over 300 assorted feeds in my feed reader but my go-to is more »

The View From The Marie Antionette Overlook

On the surface you might look at things like Instagram as a time wasting folly. But I’ve come to realize that as superficial as my scanning of photos may seem, it also provides me with idea-seeds. My problem seems to be cataloging or having a tidy way to tie all of my idea-threads together. For more »

Plan A Is Only A Small Part Of The Story

When I was writing the post about using Mid-Atlantic lighthouses as a ride destination, I kept thinking about what really happens when you plan to go and see a “thing.” When the ride is done and dusted, that thing you set off to see is only part of the story. One of the best parts of a ride is all of more »

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