Messing Around in the Gravel

Messing Around in the Gravel

What a difference each ride makes in your progress.

Sunday’s ride had me feeling so much more confident about what I was doing. I felt like it wasn’t completely luck that helped me through the day. I had more understanding in my sparkly knowledge handbag than I did the last time that we rode.

GL on a gravelly hill

Before we set off for the day Kenny gave me a little reminder. He said, “if you think you can’t, you won’t.”

Of course the inverse of that is – if you think you can, you’ll try and you will. I felt myself willing to baby step just that much further than I did last time.

Kenny heading up the hill

One major milestone for me was heading up and down the gravel bank. I followed Kenny up and down a couple times and I felt relieved that I didn’t entirely chicken out. It really wasn’t as out of control as I imagined.

Mr Bill has a dirty face

I need to stop thinking so much!  It seemed like when I just went with the flow, I rode much better. The minute I allowed doubt to stick it’s toe in the door, things slowed down. Think less, do more.

3 Replies to “Messing Around in the Gravel”

  1. Oh no, Mr. Bill! Haven’t seen him in forever – lol!
    Great post. Not sure if I could go over that bank or not. I would probably go up…then chicken out going back down.
    I agree, sometimes thinking gets in the way! Amazing how the mindset can effect the ride. Fun post!

  2. Your definitely kicking some ass in the dirt you made a huge jump from the previous weekend out! It feels good to see the progress I bet!

    By the Berkshire ride you will be smoking people!

    1. I don’t know about kicking ass, but I sure felt a lot better 😆

      I just want to feel confident. That will be a huge leap for me.

      Get that grill ready – I cannot wait for the Berkshires!

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