Life is so mysterious. You can be going along, minding your own business and never see any type of vehicle styled like a pig and then WHAMMO! You’re at the pig-car nexus of the universe. I don’t know how or why, but it’s science. I think.

While I was on my way to Newport, Pennsylvania a few weekends ago, I saw another pig bus. At first I rode right by it with a chuckle and a head shake. But about 300 yards down the road I came to my senses and went back to snap a picture. I mean, pig buses don’t happen everyday. Or… do they once you fall into the porcine wormhole?

This was the first pig-bus I saw. It was on Route 60 in West Virginia in the fall of 2015. I basically tripped over it while looking for a pink giraffe with green spots. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds but, well, you know.

I never asked to see a pig vehicle. Never once looked one up on the web. It’s like they found me. After seeing that pig bus on Route 60, I saw this pig Beetle the very next day in Metropolis, Illinois.

At the rate I’m going, tomorrow morning when I walk out to my car in the driveway there will probably be some hog-shaped car parked across the street revving it’s engine, taunting me. Vroooooom… Vroooooommmm… and then when I glance over to get a good look at who is behind the wheel?! They’ll put the pedal to the medal and squeal out. (Oh, yes. I said it.)

I believe my work here is done.