When I last posted about the Ducati which had sprung a gas leak, my friend Ralph commented,

Since a big part of the allure of motorcycles is their beauty and romance, I understand buying an unreliable bike. Understand, but personally won’t…

We do it with people, we do it with motorcycles and hell – I’ve done it on more than one occasion with a pair of shoes. What am I talking about? Putting up with their shit because they’re “hot”.

But, why?

What is it about motorcycles that conjures up such passion and feelings of romanticism that cause some of us to suspend our practicality and maybe good sense?

How About You?

Have you ever had a dysfunctional relationship with a bike? What was your breaking point that made you finally say, I give up. This just isn’t working?

Triumph Speed Triple and Dandelions

Old Reliable <3