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Using Google Alerts For Road Trip Inspiration

Using Google Alerts For Road Trip Inspiration

There is no telling what will inspire you to hit the road to go and see something with your own eyes. You could, of course, leave things to chance. Afterall, serendipity is a beautiful thing. But, if you’re an information glutton like me – you like to cram your head full of information. Sweet, sweet, internet. Do thy bidding!

Every morning, one of the first things I do tech-wise is read my Google Alerts Daily Digest. You can imagine what sort of hair-brained things I have alerts for, right? Alerts go out and comb news articles, sites, and blogs that I would never see in a million years and expose stories that match my interests. Even if I only see one interesting story each day, I categorize that as a win.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’ve had some people ask how I find weird stuff to visit. This is one of the ways.

Some interesting articles that have crossed my path lately, thanks to Google Alerts:

Planting Road Trip Ideas for 2017

Planting Road Trip Ideas for 2017

In 2016, I was able to chase down several tickling daydreams that ran loose in my mind. Little did I know when the calendar turned over that not only would I see the Blue Whale of Catoosa in Oklahoma but that I would also find myself in awe at the base of Salvation Mountain in California.

The machinations that are at work in our subconscious are mysterious. You think you’re just trying to survive the commute to work but, no – you’re actually planting idea seeds for a road trip to far away places.

I go through periods of time where the same ideas will return to me many times. They’re signaling that they need attention, I guess. These ideas become regulars at the bar in my mind. “Oh, hey, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. Good to see you still coming around.” That’s one that keeps bugging me. “Hi Pedro. Cerveza? Haven’t been to South of the Border since I was a kid!” That’s another. Two rather different stops, rather far from one another.

If I had to choose just one of those two places to visit this year, I think that the trip to Maine would win out. I don’t have a concrete reason – just a gut feeling. Part of the daydreaming of visiting a place always has the peripheral stuff you see along the way to get there. I see green in my mind when I think of going to Maine and gray on the way to South of the Border. Abstract perceptions that don’t mean anything. Or do they?

With my whims being as mercurial as they are – who knows? Perhaps I’ll see neither of those two places and will see a million others instead. As long as I visit the state of bliss, it’s all good.


This post is part of a month-long writing prompt challenge: Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) 2017 hosted by Kathy at ToadMama.com.

Prompt: State You Most Hope to Visit This Year

Somebody Isn’t Paying Attention Around Here

Somebody Isn’t Paying Attention Around Here

While scrolling through my blog’s draft folder, I found a not-so-unusual exchange between my husband Kenny, daughter Chloe and myself. It’s just a little glimpse in to what goes on around here when we’ve been cooped up in the house. This draft was from December 2014 when winter was settling in and I was filling up the daydream folder for 2015.

As 2015 has unfolded, I have managed to visit quite a few of the stops on my wishlist with a few more on deck.

Dream it, do it.

[cue harps for dream sequence]

For the past couple of weeks I’ve jotted down ideas while perusing travel books in the hope that I will visit these places in 2015. One of the books I was reading was Roadside Giants by Brian and Sarah Butko.

Me: Oh, look at that. Did you know there’s another giant coffee pot but on a stick in Winston-Salem? That’s right by the Shell gas station there.

Kenny: What Shell station?

::incredulous glare in unison from both myself and my daughter Chloe::

Kenny: What?

Me: Chloe?

Chloe: Yea, the big shell-shaped station.

::I told you so glower::

Kenny: What? how am I supposed to know where every single freakin’ teapot and weirdo gas station is?

Me: I only know of one teapot.

Kenny: You just said another teapot on a stick right now!

Me: No, I didn’t. I said coffee pot.

Kenny: Whatever. Same thing.

::unison Chloe and me:: Noooooo, they aren’t.

Poor Kenny.

To Do List – My 2015 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist

To Do List – My 2015 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist

Amazing and Unusual USA

In 2013, I posted a few places that I’d hoped to visit during the year. Some I managed to get to, some are still lingering around waiting for me to find the time. It should come as no surprise that more and more stops get tacked on my wishlist each year.

For 2015, it seems like the place on my list are all so far away from where I live. But… if I don’t dream it, I can’t make it come true.

These are some of the places I hope to see in 2015… (and beyond)

Happy travels!

Wigwam Village

Even though the reviews are always mixed and kind of lean towards terrible (dead bugs in the teepee, bad pillows, horrible mattress) for the Cave City Wigwam Village location, I still want to sleep in a teepee. If you’re asking why? I have no idea.

Of the 7 original Wigwam Motels, there are 3 remaining:

Though not one of the Wigwam Motels, there is also the Tee Pee Motel in Wharton, Tx. should you find yourself in the area.

The Wigwam Village Cave City Kentucky

Image Source: Wiley Brewer on Flickr

The Clam Box – Ipswitch, Ma.

The truth is, I’m not a fried clam fanatic or anything – I pretty much just love the building. There is something sweet and New Englandy about it. If I find myself around the Ipswitch area this year, I’ll be stopping in to the ole Clam Box.

The Blue Whale of Catoosa – Catoosa, Ok.

I’m not sure when the whale came in to my consciousness. It seems like it has always been there. The Blue Whale is a Route 66 icon, afterall.

Don’t you love his teeth?

The whale was an anniversary gift. Can you believe that? That dude  knows how to keep his lady happy. Am I right? (Probably not.)

Image Source: Larry Myhre, on Flickr
The Blue Whale


Museum of Bad Art

Official Bad Art Museum of Art

“The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) is a community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory.”

Don’t tell anyone, but… before the need to support myself, I wanted to be a painter. Yep. Making art consumed me. Then I got a “real job” and the creative part of me died.

Hopefully I won’t spot anything reminiscent of my work here. Judging by lobster nipple-clamps over there, I should be in the clear.

Image: Image Source: dadadreams on Flickr


South of the Border – Dillon, SC

“Pedro welcomes you.” I love the idea of this place so much but I’m not sure why. Maybe because it is just so over the top, so ridiculous.

During Thanksgiving, I found that I’d last visited South of the Border in 1988 with my parents. I would say I’m overdue for a revisit.

Read: Olde Tyme Travel Blogging by my Mom

Giant Man - South of the Border
Image Source: Jim on Flickr



Holdovers from Previous Years

Sometimes I don’t get around to things. These sights are holdovers that have been on my To Do List that I haven’t been able to squeeze in just yet. But here’s to hoping!

World’s Largest Teapot

Chester, WV
World's Largest Teapot
Photo Credit: jimmywayne, on Flickr

Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold

Moundsville, WV
Palace of Gold
Photo Credit: scotti16ape on Flickr

And last but not least – my super-duper wish…

The Gemini Giant

Wilmington, IL
He’s a bit of a stretch being about 900 miles away but anything is possible if you’re willing to work to make it happen!
Gemini Giant
Photo Credit:Pete Zarria, on Flickr

How About You?

Have you got anything on your to-ride to list this year?

Travel Planning: Offbeat Museums

Travel Planning: Offbeat Museums

Since turning 40, it seems like I have become highly sensitive about squeezing all the fun out of each day. There aren’t lots of things that I really want. Sure, “stuff” is nice but it doesn’t usually set my heart on fire. My daydreams are filled with colorful imaginings of traveling on my motorcycle or some deeper human connection. Maybe that’s why I am constantly stuffing my brain full of beautiful, interesting or curious destinations.

fuzzygalore offbeat museums book

A few weeks ago, I picked up a copy of “Offbeat Museums” by Saul Rubin.  You know, just ‘cuz. On an unassuming Wednesday, just like any other humdrum humpday, I discovered that there is a Toilet Seat Art Museum.

That’s right. Toilet. Seat. Art. Museum. 

I’m not really sure how I moved through my life for all these years without knowing such a place existed.

Do you stop in to small museums when you’re traveling? Have you been to the toilet seat art nirvana?