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Two Coca-Cola Ghost Signs Spotted

Two Coca-Cola Ghost Signs Spotted

Though I don’t drink soda or smoke, I do have an affinity for tobacco and soda wall advertising. Whenever I see a Coca-Cola ghost ad, it feels like a win for the day.

Previously I posted a few ghost ads that I saw in Middletown, New York. One that I left out of that post was this lovely 2-sided dame from Union Street.

Delicious and Refreshing
Relieves Fatigue
Drink Coca-Cola
5¢ Sold Everywhere 5¢

One side of the building is now covered in vines and ivy. Just based on the “Co,” I wish I knew the condition of the rest of the words hiding below that creeping jungle.

Coca-Cola Ghost Ad
Union Street
Middletown, NY

This Coca-Cola ghost spotted in Phillipsburg, NJ a few weeks ago, also has a Bull Durham Tobacco layer for a nice one, two punch.

Drink Coca-Cola
Delicious and Refreshing

Morris St
Phillipsburg, NJ

NY IMS – Progressive International Motorcycle Show

NY IMS – Progressive International Motorcycle Show

International Motorcycle Show

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show comes rolling in to New York City on Friday the 20th. I’ll be attending the media event in the morning and will do my best to get some live blogging and tweeting going throughout the day.

If you’re chained to your work desk, you can follow along on Twitter or on my not-so-live blog page for the show.

Who’s got 2 thumbs and is excited? This girl!

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