Memories That Shape Our Futures

A few weeks ago, I published a post called This Must Be The Place. In it, I mentioned a photograph of my dad shaving in a roadside rest stop while my parents vagabonded around the country in my mom’s Firebird. This image was burned into my brain from childhood.

My mom gave me her old photo album this week, and I’m digitizing some of the pics. In that album was the pic of my dad shaving:

photo of my dad shaving in a roadside rest stop 1971

Their rambling spirit was carried forward in me, and I hope will move through time in my own daughter. These photos of my parents are a treasure to me.

I’ll leave you with my dad singing on a recording of the song “Lingering On.” He was supremely talented.

Miss you, Pops and love you, Mom.


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3 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    You are so much a part of us….you have a free spirit and love of adventure. You filled our lives with precious memories, love and amazement in all that you have accomplish. I can speak for your dad, though he is no longer here…we love you always…

  2. bob b says:

    I inherited my late Moms passion for photography. On our 18th birthdays, my mother gave each of my 2 brothers and I a large photo album chronicling our family history. Every photo had a concise description under it, written in her beautiful script. Going forward, it was up to each of us to maintain, and I have do so. Bob

  3. Lowell says:

    An excellent post Rachael. My mother also knew the importance of taking memory photos, she took lots of photos in her life and made many photo albums. Her first camera was a Kodak Brownie Junior Six-20 box camera that her soon-to-be-husband gave her in 1938 for a high school graduation gift. I’ve digitized many of her photos but won’t live long enough to digitzed all of them.

    For Bob B: Nice comment about your mother and her albums.

    For Katie (aka mom), you are lucky to have a daughter like Rachel.

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