10 Steps of Roadtripping with Fuzzygalore

10 Steps of Roadtripping with Fuzzygalore

When I awoke in the morning, the sun was not yet up. I laid there in the silence thinking about my surroundings and the leap of faith that brought me there. You see, before I left home I had something of a self-induced emotional crisis that nearly made me stay home. Again.

This is my 10-step routine to road tripping:

Step 1: Imagination is left unchecked, come up with a brilliant idea, get crazy excited.
Step 2: Start putting a plan to set off in motion.
Step 3: Allow a pinch of doubt to creep in, jussssst enough to make sure that I dot my I’s and cross my T’s.
Step 4: Open the floodgates of guilt and dash my plans against the rocks of uncertainty until I am paralyzed by inaction.
Step 5: Crush self under the weight of indecision.
Step 6: Come to the understanding that I am the worst human on Earth.
Step 7: Confirm with family 247 times that they really don’t mind if I leave.
Step 8: Abandon ship, I’ll just stay home. I have lots of cleaning to do.
Step 9: Go anyway.
Step 10: Wonder why I put myself through the torture.

12 Replies to “10 Steps of Roadtripping with Fuzzygalore”

  1. Sometimes after a short break for a drink or stretch you get back on the bike and that feeling of just how awesome it is reminds you of why.

  2. Wow, what a tortured process you endure. I’m sorry to hear it. The only good thing is you ultimately make the right choice to go. Many are cowardly and succumb to their fears. I hope repetition has helped you ease some of the anguish you experience with this.

  3. Thanks for sharing the guilt trip. Yet you prevailed. Isn’t that we all struggle to do. Prevail.
    Daily, weekly, monthly and on. Although more than a day can be enough.
    We need to get our knees in the breeze. The rest will follow.

  4. At least you go. My list is shorter — 1,2,4,8 and then a new step — Don’t ever get out of my head and just stay home. This mostly applies to long rides and not the little day trips I survive on. I think we’re codependent…

  5. Fuzzy, where are U? Not on Instagram either. We miss your adventure’s, I can understand leaving all this electronic stuff for a while, I have great plans to post my rides, but somehow I never seem to get it done. I also worry that what I find inspiring and unique, doesn’t interest someone else. Ride your ride and enjoy the views. Miss U.

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