The Old Denver-style Texaco of Unionville, NY

denver-style texaco of unionville, ny

This little empty station sits in a spot in Unionville, NY that I’ve probably ridden by a hundred times. Up until this past Sunday, I never zeroed in on it or paid it any attention. Well, I finally woke up. Kenny and I stopped so I could peer in the windows.

inside the denver-style texaco of unionville, ny
inside the denver-style texaco of unionville, ny
inside the denver-style texaco of unionville, ny
denver-style texaco of unionville, ny
inside the denver-style texaco of unionville, ny

Aside from the interesting reading material, that “Reducing Plan Candy” was apparently made by the tragically named Ayds appetite suppressant.

According to the roadside architecture oracle, Debra Jane Seltzer, this was once a Texaco. If petroliana is your passion, you’re probably sniffing and thinking “everybody knows that’s a Denver-style Texaco!” Well, I didn’t. But, now I do and I can’t un-know it.

When I try to find information about something I’ve seen on the road I often fall down a rabbit hole of information. Innocently, I think to myself, “let me see if I can find a historical photo of…” and the next thing I know an hour went by and I’m reading about useless things that no one else will care about.

Before searching for this station, I didn’t consciously know that service stations had distinctive style names attached to them. This building is apparently of the “Denver style.” I suppose that makes sense in that there are sub-genres and colloquial names of all sorts of things. And really, I should’ve recalled having to look up what I now know to be a Phillips 66 “batwing” station.

There’s always something new to learn.

Speaking of rabbit holes, while I was looking for station info, I also stumbled across the Texaco Diamond T Doodlebug Tank truck. Sweet mercy, is it glorious, or what?

When I see buildings and vehicles like these it makes me feel a little sad that subsequent generations seem less invested in the artful design of every day or utilitarian buildings and such. There were so many charming stylistic elements at work. We’ve got a whole lot of bland going on these days. ::sigh::

Old Gas Station Links of Interest:

Visit the Denver-style Texaco of Unionville, NY


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6 Responses

  1. Wendyvee says:

    Amazing find! I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that Debra Jane Seltzer hasn’t already snagged 🙂

  2. Bob B says:

    Those drawers are just begging to be rummaged through.

  3. Jill Lyons Weltman says:

    My grandfather, Lloyd Lyons used to own that Texaco Station. He bought it back in the 40’s.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Jill
    My son bought a home in Wettstown Ny and passes the station daily!

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