The Ebb and Flow of Motivation

The Ebb and Flow of Motivation

Ebb and flow. My thoughts and motivations come in waves, pushing in and pulling back. Just when I think I’ve got myself into a nice, natural posting rhythm, I go belly up and float along helplessly in the tide. It is times like these, times when I flounder, that I know I need to learn and exercise discipline with writing things down.

Every day I get a writing prompt from The Daily Post in my feed reader. It is nothing more than a word to kick start writing something, anything. Since TDP has replaced The Daily Page as my boot to the rump, I have yet to actually write anything using their prompts.

Sometimes, and I hate to say it, it almost feels like I’m willfully resisting their suggestion. You can’t tell me what to write! That sentiment is exactly what Kenny mentioned when I said I’d like to take some writing classes. I, of course, responded to his point with incredulity. What?! What do you mean?! I can follow instructions! I can appreciate guidance or suggestions! (…I’m smaht…not like everybody says… like dumb…)ย 

I can already hear him knowingly “mmm hmm.”

And it isn’t ever that I don’t have any stuff to write about. It all comes down to what you feel like writing, you know? I am guilty of being paralyzed by too many options at times. When I can’t focus, I fall apart.

You know what never lets me down? That feeling of coming back from a good ride with a few snapshots in my camera roll. It’s fresh, immediate and typically simple. That makes committing a day to the page so easy. Just slap a couple images of my motorcycle up, tell you where I went et voila! Post. Any monkey can do that, right? There is no magic to blogging.

Or is there?

4 Replies to “The Ebb and Flow of Motivation”

  1. “I am guilty of being paralyzed by too many options at times. When I canโ€™t focus, I fall apart.”

    I can relate. And it is way too hot where I am to take a ride. Bummer.

    1. That stinks that it’s too hot. When it creeps into the 90s here, I’m not inclined to ride either. The humidity here can be ridiculous, too. That’s usually when I duck out early or late to get a quick fix but don’t stray very far.

  2. Certainly no magic. And what enthuses one does nothing for another. Stick to your core interest and find natural motivation there. I also experience “the ebb and flow of motivation” and have learned not to sweat it. Our blogs aren’t our jobs.

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