Ride Snaps: Odds, Ends and Assorted Things I’ve Seen Recently

Ride Snaps: Odds, Ends and Assorted Things I’ve Seen Recently

While I’m out and about I end up taking a lot of pictures that either end up on Instagram or are left to wither in obscurity on my phone. Sometimes it’s because I can’t weave them into a post and have them make sense. So, I’m not going to try. I’m just going to stick them out here and hope for the best.

Hope you get out and see something interesting this weekend. Ride safe, Y’all!

While on my way to Troy, New York I passed an actual working Drive-In theater! The last time I saw a movie in one, I was maybe 18 or 19. It was in Pennsylvania near the town of Slatington, but now I cannot remember exactly where.

Hollywood Drive-in Theater
9270 NY-66,
Averill Park, NY 12018

These are Muffler Man feet. They belong to the big guy in Hancock, Massachusetts. My people-feet shown for size reference.

I was hooked by the big mug on the roof. I hadn’t noticed the far more appealing bacon and eggs plastic sign until I looked at the photo. I wish I had that to hang in my living room.

My sweet doggo enjoying the morning sunshine.

Strawberry 690 Enduro.

When people dismissively ask what you can get for a quarter these days, you know they’ve never picked up a book at a thrift shop or a yard sale. Finding a good book in such places is like unearthing a treasure.

David Sedaris is hilarious.

I know it’s a place of religious worship but this Hindu temple in Wilton, Connecticut looks like an ice cream parlor to me. And those domes look like boobs over Ganesha’s head. Can’t unsee.

When I approached the outdoor Circle Museum grounds, I slammed on the anchors to take a look. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a $5 to drop in the honesty box to enter the grounds. I did have a $20, though but didn’t part with it. I just stood on the outside of the fence gawking.

I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling like a cheapskate that I didn’tย just drop the twenty and go in.

Most likely an angel. Art is about interpretation though, right? Well… Hotdog Mothman.






3 Replies to “Ride Snaps: Odds, Ends and Assorted Things I’ve Seen Recently”

  1. Always enjoy having the chance to see what others see on the road. Your eclectic presentation of snaps and scenes remind me how nice it is to ride alone and “slam on the anchors” as you say, when you want to without the pressure of others in my head.

    The Circle Museum certainly would have my attention as would the South Troy Diner. Don’t picture the sign in our living room though. Right now I think we need a portrait of a rooster. Long story.

    And David Sedaris — he’s a joy. If you find yourself in a situation where you can listen to him read, try the SantaLand Diaries where he reflects on his time as a department store elf:


    Thanks for the morning cheer.

    1. hi, Steve ๐Ÿ™‚
      sometimes I find myself wishing that I had company on rides. It’s mostly in transition moments when I’m standing around on the ferry or maybe eating lunch or something. while I do like spending time with other people on the bike occasionally, it can become an internal tug of war with me wanting to stop and not wanting to be annoying with my stopping for pictures and lookin’ at stuff. in the long run, it just seems easier to go it alone.

      hope to read about your rooster problem ๐Ÿ˜€

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