My Bonneville – The Great Equalizer

My Bonneville – The Great Equalizer

Some people take it as a personal affront when their motorcycle wave isn’t returned by another rider. I’m not one of them. I wave because I want to. Or sometimes, I don’t because I simply don’t feel like it. Overall though, you could say I’m more of a waver than not. It’s almost like an automatic behavior.

Something as innocuous as what amounts to a “Hello! We share the same interest!” has some underlying barrier that dares not be crossed for some riders. That barrier seems to be bike-genre. When a pack of 20 riders won’t return a wave? It’s more than just one person not paying attention or not feeling like it.

For cryin’ out loud, it’s a wave, a friendly hey, man. We’re not getting married because of it. And I know and agree – who fucking cares if someone doesn’t wave back? But, I am curious about people and what makes us tick. So, I find myself questioning why we size each other up and deem the worthiness of such a greeting. As people do we always come back to us versus them?

Because I own different styles of motorcycles, I experience firsthand different levels of interaction. My experiences have demonstrated that far and away, the Bonneville is the most equalizing thing I ride. My KTM? Not quite the same reception.

I dunno. I don’t really have a point to any of this. This was all the result of reflecting on some interactions over the last few weeks.

Keep on wavin’. Or not.

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