Scenes from a Drive – Start Your Day Happy

Scenes from a Drive – Start Your Day Happy

Last weekend, we loaded up the Harvey and dragged our bikes out to central PA. My hubs Kenny spent the weekend doing the Durty Dabbers dualsport. I on the other hand opted out this year and went road riding instead. Having the 690 gives you the opportunity to easily make last minute choices like that – road? Dirt roads? Trails? Whatever! It’s pretty nice.

The drive out to Lock Haven, PA – where the Durty Dabbers event is staged – takes us about five hours. There was a time in my life when those five hours might’ve felt like an eternity. Perhaps it was the excitement of going away but that time in the front seat with the radio on and a good book didn’t feel very long at all.

Start your day happy. It’s hard to not smile when you see these English Muffin trucks 🙂



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