Nothin’ Like a Little Popcorn and a Movie

Nothin’ Like a Little Popcorn and a Movie

“Yeah, those e-cigs are tied to popcorn lung.”

“Popcorn lung? What the hell is that?”

“Really? You’ve never heard of popcorn lung? It’s some horrible lung disease that a bunch of people who worked in plants that made microwave popcorn got. Something to do with inhaling whatever chemicals they used to make the butter flavor.”

“Ughhhh, nooooo. Sounds gross.
:::squinting glare:::
That’s funny. You always bring microwave popcorn home for me when you go to the store. Extra butter… you never seem to want any.”


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you discover that your spouse is playing the long con. Year in, year out they soldier on with their diabolical snackfood ruse. “Let’s watch a movie” he says. “I’ll make you some popcorn – extra butter,” he says. 😕 😆

Annnnnd just to keep things motorcycle-y, look at this:

8 Replies to “Nothin’ Like a Little Popcorn and a Movie”

  1. Very nice motorcycle-y picture!

    I was given a stovetop popcorn popper called a Whirly-Pop several years ago and it makes much better popcorn than anything from the microwave. Plus, you can season it anyway you want (extra butter anyone?).

  2. How very Flowers in the Attic of him. Does that book pre-date you? It’s about a mother who hides her children in the attic of her mother’s home and tries to kill them, slowly, with donuts laced with arsenic.

  3. Occasionally I go to the movies with a sweetheart who can’t get enough fake butter on her popcorn. The theater we often visit has a pumping station where you can add as much of the oily goop as you want to your bucket. After having to rush to a nearby store to buy her a new pair of underwear while she was in the bathroom after one of the movies we saw, you think she’d have learned her lesson. Nope. But at least I make her put an extra pair of panties in her purse before we go to the theater now.

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