We Are All Fragile Things

We Are All Fragile Things

During my ride home last night I sat at a traffic light staring. Staring at nothing, staring at everything, cemented to the Earth by the orange backlight of my gauges. I pondered the weight of challenges that people in my life are going through. Life is hard. We’re all just fragile things; glitter and stardust in people-shaped suits.

And yet… when we find ourselves at the bottom of our lowest lows we often discover the magnitude of our strength. In spite of the fear, the hurt, devastating loss – people find the power to say, I will not be broken.

Sending a big squeeze out to the universe. It isn’t much but it’s all I can do for now.  <3



10 Replies to “We Are All Fragile Things”

  1. Maybe… Maybe if we all—all at once—send big squeezes out to the universe. Maybe THEN the universe will notice. Maybe THEN it’ll make a difference.

    What do ya say, Fuzz–on the count of three?…

  2. Sometimes I think the greatest strength comes from the realization of how fragile we are. And at those times the squeeze to the universe is a source of power I looked for.

    Best for your journey…

  3. “In people-shaped suits”. Love it. I get the same sensation laying on the dock staring up at the Milky Way. I defy anyone to do that even once and not realise how truly fragile and, in the end, inconsequential we really are in the overall scheme of things. And let me add my squeeze to the collective.

    1. Ha-haa! The Squeeze Collective

      That sounds like a mighty fine band name to me. So, is it soul, light funk, jazz, mellow psychedelic rock, or something else entirely?

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