Unexpected Roadside Visits: World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

While in the city of High Point, NC during the Void Rally 9, one of my bonus locations was the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers. The socks dangling out of it are apparently 6 feet tall, just for size reference.

Seeing the “Bureau of Information” was unexpected. That is one of the great side effects of partaking in a rally. You’ll find yourself in unusual places visiting interesting things.

My only regret is that I didn’t take the time to snap a better photo. It was the middle of the night and I’m not sure that I was firing on all cylinders. This will have to do:

fuzzygalore worlds largest chest of drawers high point north carolina

Roadside America – World’s Largest Chest of Drawers
508 North Hamilton St.,
High Point, NC

I visited the chest of drawers after checking out the world’s largest Duncan Phyfe chair earlier in the evening. Sadly, I took a really terrible photo of it. To spare your eyeballs, the Google Streetview will be doing the honors:

And wouldn’t you know it – there is also a giganto 80-ft tall bureau at Furnitureland South just ’round the way that I didn’t stop at.

So it would seem that if visiting super-sized furniture is your bag, baby – you need to get yourself to the Thomasville/ High Point, North Carolina area!


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3 Responses

  1. Raindog says:

    What strange objects to oversize. Sure, they might be significant to the histories of their areas, but a chest of drawers?

    All they need is Stanley the exhausted muffler man collapsed in the chair with a cocktail after a rough day at the office (you know, holding mufflers), and, rummaging through the chest of drawers for valuables to pinch, some sort of thief muffler man… “Hello there, I’m breaking-and-entering muffler man. I’ve come to swipe your socks, filch your feather boas, and nick your nickers.” (Apparently, breaking-and-entering muffler man is a polite Brit who steals only from ’40s film stars and fabulous fellows.)

    What worries me, Fuzzy, is that though oversized furniture doesn’t make sense to me, doesn’t compute for some reason, all of the weirdly costumed muffler men; unnaturally large, artificial fruits and vegetables and farm animals, especially (it seems) chickens; burger-mobiles; and ginormous gorillas, gnomes, roller-skates, teapots, and tentacled skulls that you photograph don’t phase me. I don’t think twice about them.

    That’s it! I’m going off the grid. I’ll try to check in after the apocalypse, when all of these freakishly large oddities have finally awakened and become our ruthless overlords.

    • Fuzzygalore says:


      Perhaps other than their ridiculous size, the furniture lacks any whismy? It’s brown, boring stuff to begin with at regular size. When you oversize it – maybe it becomes REALLY boring. Mufflermen, Skullopusses and giant fruit are colorful and absurd in a way that a dresser never could be? 😀

      You’ve registered yet another mystery for the ages.

  2. Ralph C says:

    I visited the Chest of Drawers when visiting a friend in High Point. You didn’t mention it is part of an office building, I think the space inside may be usable. Did you catch the John Coltrane statue, it is only a block or two away. I found High point to be a ghost town when I went through in September a few years ago. I found out it is booming only a few weeks a year when the furniture manufacturers have a big convention to showcase their goods.

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