2014 Santa Ride: The Elves

Sure, the Santas get the lion share of the glory during the Santa ride but there are some elves that ride with the big red fatties that deserve some of the limelight too.

We had Chloe with us. She was our super-duper sidecar monkey elf:

Buddy Kenny was manning the Enfield, which incidentally has a nearly-dead battery.

fuzzygalore crudmop buddy elf

Have you ever seen a 6-foot elf kickstart a motorcycle? It’s really quite precious. 😆

fuzzygalore buddy elf shoes

the Robot Fuzzygalore

I am robot Fuzzygalore. I do her bidding. ::beep:beep:boop:boop::

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2 Responses

  1. MarthaC says:

    Love the elf boots! Those are awesome! Did you make your costumes or purchase them?

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Aren’t they just ridiculous? 😆

      We bought them. If I were to make them? Well… there would be a lot more glitter and a lot less ability to recognize what the costume is supposed to be 😀

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