The Eyes are the Window to Your Soul. Or Something.

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On Saturday afternoon while doing the Meteor dualsport in south Jersey, we stopped at about the half-way point of the ride to get gas at a small gas station. When Gary and I pulled in there were probably 20 other motorcycles already there filling up.

Because New Jersey doesn’t allow you to pump your own gas (technically) you have some type of interaction with a pump attendant. In my case, he pushed the button, handed me the nozzle and then took my money at the end.  I was one of dozens of motorcyclists that passed through the station that day.

Hours later after packing up my bike and shedding my stormtrooper gear I washed my face, put on my baseball hat and pointed the Ridgeline towards home. My first stop before hitting the highway was filling up the truck. The first available gas station? The one I’d stopped at with my bike.

I pulled up to the pump, the (same) guy walks up to my window to take my card and says something like “Oh, you’re back. You were here earlier.”


Now… I have a way better chance of recognizing the same guy, in the same clothes, at the same gas station than he did me. But he recognized me out of a helmet, different clothes, in a baseball hat, in a car. How? I saw dozens of other riders throughout the day and I don’t think I’d know a single one without a helmet on.

What is it that allows us to really “see” and recognize people? Is it really the eyes?


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8 Responses

  1. Rosie says:

    Could he have recognized the bike in the back of the truck?

    • Fuzzy says:

      I would normally say maybe – but there were 2 others of the same bike at the station while I was there. To a non-rider I would imagine we all look the same.

      There were hundreds of bikes through the area this weekend for the event and it is a popular riding spot when there isn’t an event in which is why it kinda surprised me.

      Maybe he just assumed.

      I never think I can be identified as a girl when I’m in my riding gear so I figured I just blend in.

  2. Kathy says:

    That’s pretty amazing. Although you do have pretty eyes, and if that’s all he saw the first time, it’s possible. Especially if he’s an eye person.

  3. Ryan says:

    Girls still look like girls even when under all the gear. Hire many other women on bikes do you think he saw this weekend from the rally? Eyes and voice gave you away. 😀

  4. Diane says:

    Gosh…kinda weird isn’t it!!! Maybe you just made a nice impression. At least you spoke to him the first time. Think about it…most of the guys just grunt and throw the money….LOL….only teasing…but I am sure you being a girl, he recognized you and remembered how nice you were to him!!!

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