Fatbike: Riding to the Bug Light in Orient

Fatbike: Riding to the Bug Light in Orient

On the day after my birthday my mom, daughter and I spent a few hours beach-combing along the shores of Orient State Park. Off in the distance I could see the shadow of the Long Beach Bar Lighthouse which is affectionately called the Bug Light. From the parking lot, I think it’s about a 3 mile walk to the lighthouse. I kept thinking – I’ve gotta ride out there and take a look at it.

fatbike orient bug light lighthouse

The following weekend, I did just that.

fatbike out to bug light orient

The ride out to the lighthouse was another rocky one. Even so, I still enjoyed making my way along the shoreline.

fatbike red sand at orient

I love finding patches of red sand around the island.

Each time I go out for a ride on my bike I am reminded that there is always something new and beautiful to be seen.

fatbike breakfast on the beach at orient

With the wind blowing, I found a nice place to sit nestled amongst the scrubby trees. I pulled up a seat on a piece of driftwood and had some breakfast. There under the bright blue sky I just sat listening to the gentle waves pulling back across the rocks and making that glassy twinkling I love so much.

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