Fatbike – A Winter’s Day at Pirate’s Cove

Fatbike – A Winter’s Day at Pirate’s Cove

Every time that I leave Long Island on the Port Jefferson-Bridgeport ferry, the boat slips out of the harbor passing a cove to the east. This area, a part of McCallister County Park, is known locally as Pirate’s Cove. It is about a 2.5 mile walk from the middle of the town of Port Jefferson along the shoreline. A walk which I’ve never taken.

On a cold January day I pedaled out of town to get a look at the place that I’d only ever seen from the water.

Having the GoPro mounted on my handlebars snapping away in photo-mode, I was able to get some lovely shots of just how bright and blue the winter sky was.

january at pirates cove on the fatbike

Do you find that your rides are often punctuated by a particular scene or maybe scenery? I immediately fell in love with these big, water rounded stones that were parked in an otherwise sandy part of the cove.

pedaling through pirates cove surly pugsley fatbike

It was like someone opened a big bag of M&Ms too quickly and they all went flying everywhere.

rolling stones in pirates cove surly fatbike

I’ll try not to type it too loudly, but you know – I think that Fatty here is as lovely a subject as the Triumph. Just don’t tell Tiger that I said so.

surly fatbike pirates cove wall

2 Replies to “Fatbike – A Winter’s Day at Pirate’s Cove”

  1. One of these days I need to try one of the fat tire bikes. They look too fun…

    Beautiful photos and I agree that the new bike is at least as picturesque as the Tiger (or Ural!).

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